Greentree Candles

Owner and Creative Director

As far back as Jenifer Green can remember, she has loved art. Her mother is an artist and encouraged her children with afternoons filled with homemade kitchen clay, noodle necklaces, and collages. Being creative was a given, part of the family DNA. Green pursued fine art in college and graduated from Philadelphia College of Art. She and husband Don Green, a furniture maker, co-founded Greentree Home in 1992 with the intention to create innovative and individually crafted furniture and home accessories. In 2001, Jenifer launched Greentree Home Candle. Today, in addition to exploring new designs and directions for her growing beeswax candle company, she directs her attention to marketing. In her spare time, she tends to beekeeping and enjoys hiking.

Get a taste of each of their colors.

  • Antique: strong, dark green that invokes ancient times, the depths of the ocean, or a wonderfully weathered wood
  • Robin's Egg Blue: light, delicate, as familiar as the bird who inspired it – a blue that gives life
  • Blush: so light it seems translucent, the gentlest of pinks – think ceremony, celebration, tea time
  • Cream: subtle, off-white that compliments any of our other colors
  • Sangria: unapologetically regal – with a touch of crimson, burgundy, magenta, and ruby
  • Terra Cotta: rich, beautiful brown that invokes all the comfort and joy of home
  • Sage: evergreen, tropical, or deciduous – this lovely tree green is a holiday season favorite and one of the first colors we ever made
  • Espresso: deep, dark, elegant brown – a striking contrast when paired with our tangerine, cream, or natural
  • Blue Slate: cool-hued blue that goes well with other blues – we've seen people fall in love at first sight
  • Wild Plum: bright, buoyant purple – fun, fruity and festive for all occasions
  • Black: classic, simple, straightforward – black is truly a blend of all the colors (fun fact: we actually mix different color waxes to make our black candles)
  • Natural: for those who are in love and just can't get enough of the real thing – these smell particularly deliciously of beeswax
  • Bittersweet: cheerful, holiday red
  • Peacock: if a blue could be radiant, we think this is one of the ideal colors for summertime and sunny days
  • Celadon: light, sea glass green – quiet and lovely against any backdrop
  • Bamboo: vivid green somewhere between chameleon and calla lily – this vibrant hue is the closest thing to neon in our palette
  • Burnt Amber: a warm neutral that fits right in with our collection – special shout out our worldwide community for the lovely name suggestions we received on instagram when we first shared the color (caramel, crème brûlée, cappuccino, maize, butternut, wheat, nutmeg)