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Péro Péro Straw Bag Embellished Oskar’s Boutique Bags

Péro Straw Bag Embellished

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Péro by Aneeth Arora

Launched in 2009, Pero is an Indian ready-to-wear label from designer Aneeth Arora. Embracing the Indian tradition of using strictly handmade textiles, Péro utilizes local materials and the skills of local artisans. Each piece is crafted by hand from the creation of its fabric to the construction of the garment. Such a personal and intimate process creates garments that evoke a sense of the culture from which they originate, resulting in an international aesthetic which connects people with the world around them and translates seamlessly to the city streets. Péro means "to wear" in Marwari. Taking its name from the Rajastan word for 'to wear', Aneeth offers up super-soft, ecofriendly clothing from locally produced materials, using the finest Indian textile traditions and heritage-inspired design. Today, the Péro clothing range features everything from richly embellished tunics to loose-fitting shirt dresses and voluminous pants.

cotton lining, hand made details,PJBK02