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Grateful for_____________.

Fill in the blank.

This year, I'm thinking a lot (as I'm sure many people are) about family...friends, what's important, what isn't, and how to create the life I want filled with the things that matter the most to me. Usually, for me, that means a lot of outdoor time surrounded by nature and exploring it all with those that I love. That's when the good talks happen, the dreams are ignited, ideas are born and problems find solutions...

We are lucky here on this special, little island to have some of the world's most beautiful places to explore. This past year has offered up many opportunities to dig a little deeper, hike a little higher, see a little clearer to help uncover what may have been overlooked, over worked and just plain ignored for too long. It has been nice to slow down. I'd like to say it wasn't that hard. But it was... at times. I'd like to think I handled everything well, but I know I could have done better. And I'm still working on it. 

And that's ok. 

Time marches on and those of us lucky enough to still be here, get to continue to learn, explore and dream - and I look forward to doing it all together. What are you grateful for? 


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With love and gratitude,




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