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Honey began her path of creating jewelry 16 years ago while living on the Big Island of Hawaii. As she walked into a metaphysical shop in her local town of Honoka’a, she was mesmerized by the most magical ruby she had ever seen.
She purchased the stone along with the most gorgeous set of chalcedony briolettes and it was at that moment she decided she wanted to create something
beautiful out of those magical stones.
After a couple years, she then moved to Kaua’i where she raised her five children
and continued her journey to create nature inspired pieces
that are individually handmade by herself. The stones she collects are
all purposely selected for their properties and healing effects on the
body and mind. Today, she continues to bring the beauty and
meaning of the stones she chooses to enhance the beauty of
whomever selects a piece from the inside out and bring
more magic to your life.
After many years in Hawaii she currently resides in Oregon.

  • Rainbow Gems Bracelet
    Honey 5 Rainbow Gems Bracelet Oskar’s Boutique Jewelry
    Honey 5
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