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Gilda Midani Over Dress Oskar’s Boutique Women’s Dresses

Over Dress in Rust

Gilda Midani
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Gilda utilizes cottons, linens, silks, woven, in all their different forms, textures and threads; sometimes even synthetics, just for fun.She likes to focus on varying the scale, the proportions, and the finishing of those basic forms which she considers insuperable, and above all working the textile with the most exquisite manual techniques, from the primitive beeswax batik to the ancient shibori of Japan, with pigments ranging from the traditional plant-based to silicone, plaster and even iron oxide. The only rules are to maintain quality, guarantee comfort and create beauty. To achieve this, anything goes!

The Over Dress is as light as air and has a double layer on the bottom portion of the dress. The buttons go down half way and the drop shoulder sleeves are three quarter.  This one-size-fits-all has a generous cut.

100% Linen Organdy